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UV Knowledge Link Pvt.Ltd is an emerging company in engineering sector, providing services under various engineering domains. Product Design & Development, Tool Design, Gauge Design, Special Purpose Machine & Industrial Automation. Services under Information Technology, namely Internet of Things (IOT) Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Software development & Graphics Design.
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Measuring Fixture & Gauge

We offer a wide range of these gauges and the clients can choose from the wide range whichever gauge suits their purpose. UVK offering our clients a very highly superior quality range of gauges as per drawing. These gauges undergo stringent quality checks before dispatching.


  • Gauges are inspection tool of rigid design, without a scale which serves to check the dimensions of the manufacturing part.
  • Gauges do not indicate the actual value of the inspected part of the component.
  • They are used to determine whether the part is made within a specified limit.
  1. Standard Gauge:-Made as an exact copy of opposed part
  2. Limit Gauge:-Made to the limits of the dimension.
  3. Workshop Gauge:-To check dimensions after manufacturing.
  4. Inspection Gauge:-To check part before final acceptance.
  5. Purchase inspection gauge:-To check part of other factories.
  6. Reference or master gauge:- To check the dimensions of the gauge.