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UV Knowledge Link Pvt.Ltd is an emerging company in engineering sector, providing services under various engineering domains. Product Design & Development, Tool Design, Gauge Design, Special Purpose Machine & Industrial Automation. Services under Information Technology, namely Internet of Things (IOT) Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Software development & Graphics Design.
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SPMs or Special Purpose Machines offer tremendous scope for high volume production at low investment and at the low cost of production when compared to CNC machines. SPM, Special Purpose Machines is a high productivity machine, with specially designed tooling and fixture, dedicated for mass producing the same component day in and day out. Special Purpose Machines (SPM) are those Machine which is not available off the Shelf. These are not covered in Standard Manufacturing Programs. Therefore they have to be Designed & Tailor Made as Per the Customers Specific Requirements. The theme can be Further Elaborated by doing a Full-Scale Automation of the Industrial Process, wherever Possible. The use of Special Purpose Machines (SPM) And Automation Minimizes Possibility of Human Errors and also Reduces Human Fatigue in Carrying out Repetitive Operations again And again. It also assures the Quality and Interchangeability of Parts, by Carrying out the Same Designed Process each time without any Shortcuts.

Special Purpose Machine

The Special Purpose Machines (SPM) And Automatic Machines are designed to Operate Continuously for 24 hours a day, with Minimum Supervision. The Special Purpose Machines are Generally Product Specific & they are required to be Designed & Developed for each Specific Requirement. Sometimes it May be Possible to Cater to the Jobs having Similar Features but Differing in Dimensions by Using Change Tooling Concept.

A judicious combination of limit switches, sensors, logic controls, automatic job clamping etc. is the essence of an SPM. A well-conceived Special Purpose Machine finds ways and means to utilize the man and machine to the optimum. We offer low cost dedicated SPMs for mass production. Most of the Special Purpose Machine concept is standardized which enables very fast delivery of the machine.